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Hanami Kimono RobeHanami Kimono Robe

Hanami Kimono Robe

From $78
Ume Kimono RobeUme Kimono Robe

Ume Kimono Robe

From $78
Tsubaki Kimono RobeTsubaki Kimono Robe

Tsubaki Kimono Robe

From $78
Aoi Kimono RobeAoi Kimono Robe

Aoi Kimono Robe

From $78

statement pieces

treat yourself

We believe freshly washed linens, a warm cup of tea, and the light brush of soft silk against the skin are simple pleasures that feed the soul.  

sustainable fashion

Ethically made, designed to last

We’ve partnered with a small family owned business based in Hang Zhou, China. Working together with a vertical mill that produces silk straight from their farm into the final product, means we reduce the negative environmental impacts of overproduction and wastage.



Female founded, we aim to elevate and inspire all the creatives, the dreamers, the jet setters, the goal getters to dream big and hustle hard. Our silk robes are delicate, but strong - just like you.